Types of Transportation: The Reason of Our Mobility

in Transportation on July 8, 2019

Types of Transportation: The Reason of Our Mobility

Types of transportation refer to the system by which people or goods can achieve locomotion. It is basically of three types which are air, water, and land. Various forms of transportation may include various technologies and depend on a separate environment. Usually, transportation not only makes traveling easier but also plays a great role in mass production. It also helps to ensure security, health and social needs of people.


Before the invention of any transport, humans used to travel on foot. After that, during 4000BC to 3000BC, we learned to use animals as a means of transportation. As time went by, we invented wheels made of wood around 3500BC. The Romans constructed roads across Europe during 3100BC. Then in the industrialization period, a man named John Loudon McAdam constructed the highways. Around the 17th -18th century, we invented various land transports like bicycle, motorcycle, etc. The first combustion engine came into existence in 1920.

The first water transport came into being around 3500BC in the form of canoes. Then, the Egyptians invented sailing boats in 3100BC.  We created more advanced boats; ships, etc. during the 17th and 18th centuries. After the invention of the first combustion engine car, we also made water transport using the same mechanisms.

In 1903, the Wright brothers invented the airplane. The German Heinkel was the first jet aircraft in the world during World War II in 1939.


We know, there are mainly three modes of transportation. These are- air, land (roads, railways, off-road, etc.) and water. There are also other modes like pipeline, cable, space, animal powered and human powered transports.


Air is the fastest mode of transport at present. The special geometry of the wing generates lift in a fixed-wing airplane. It uses the same mechanism in small trainers to military cargo. We usually use helicopters for short distances.


Water transports use the buoyancy to float in water. Here, the hull of watercraft pushes the water aside depending on its present location. This causes the boat to float in water. The hull acts as a dominant aspect of its construction as well as function. Water transports include boats, ships, etc. These travel on large water bodies like lakes, oceans, rivers, etc.


Land transport is the main form of transportation for people. It is the key factor for urban planning. There are mainly two types of land transport which includes railways and roads. Railway transporting system uses rail tracks as a means of movement for traveling and transport of cargo. Steam, diesel or electricity is the source of power for trains. Automobiles cover the roads. These are wheeled transport that carries a passenger with the help of a motor. This includes; motorcycle, cars, trucks, buses, etc.


Animal-powered transport uses working animals for movement. In some cases, humans directly ride while in some cases, a pack of animals moves the transport. Human-powered transports are transports that use human power for movement. Here, humans move them in the form of walking, running, etc. In pipeline transports, pneumatic tubes carry goods. It usually carries liquid or gases. In some cases, it also carries solid capsules using compressed air. Cable transports are the type of transport that uses cables for movement. It functions on a steep gradient. There are many other forms of transport but the main aim of all of them is similar. We use them for the movement of people or the transport of goods. We use some of them for research like space crafts while we use some for medicinal transportation like the unmanned air vehicles.

There are various types of transportation in this world. It is the sector that connects communities. As human civilization develops, the transportation system also advances. All of them have the same core purpose which is the movement of people and goods. Despite this, people are advancing forward to develop this sector more and make it more convenient than before.

Photo By Ognjen Weinacht