Transportation Essay: An Evolution of Wheel

in Transportation on July 9, 2019

Transportation Essay: A Description of Wheel

From the Stone Age to modern time transportation is the reason for getting the most developed world of all time. It has a greater impact on human settlement and many other sectors. Transportation essay is an essay that describes the process of getting the most civilized world. Again, in the root of civilization, transportation had played a great role.

A brief history of transportation:

We evolved wheeled cart and riverboats in Mesopotamia, the Northern Caucuses and central Europe by 3500 BC. Again, we tamed horses to assist our way by 3100 BC. We built chariots and wagon in Southern Poland by 2100 BC. Moreover, by the late 1200s, we invented sky flying rocket. By 1400s, we invented sailing ships. Nicolas Cugnot built the first steam-powered car by 1672 BC. Furthermore, by 1804, we built steamed powered railway locomotives and amphibious vehicles. By 1903, we flew motor-driven airplanes. So, that’s the root of today’s modern advanced transportation.

Impact on settlements:

From the beginning of civilization, people used to live near banks of major river junctions or port, or in the hub of major trade routes. So, cities like New Jersey, Mumbai, and Moscow are good examples. So, day by day, the settlements grew in population and developed into big cities and major trade centers. The necessity of food had met its fulfillment. Transportation allows a population to expand throughout a region’s territory and to live well in remote areas far from factories. Again,the expansion of the United States was directly related to the means of transportation available at the time.

Impact on society and economy:

Transportation essay is closely related to socio-economic changes. Economic development was likely to expand where transportation could ensure access to markets and resources. Starting from the industrial revolution in the 19th to early 21st centuries, many countries have been affected differently by economic development. Moreover, it played an enormous role in shaping our economies. Like:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Enhanced jobs and labor market accessibility.
  • Opened new markets for business.
  • Enhanced supply chain efficiency.

Enhance supply and chain efficiency:

When businesses are bundled together, it is easier and quicker for companies to reach their suppliers and customers. Like Amazon online marketing company is doing now. So, it sells other companies products on the online platform. This economic process has a positive impact on loading logistics and delivering it to consumers and schedules. For example, if we see Ali Baba express’s delivery process they could have lessened their delivery time for faster vehicles.  This simple and faster delivery times to customers can help lower inventory carrying costs while increasing both productivity and profitability.

Transportation essay includes some cultural transports like “Jeepney” (Philippine’s iconic jeep), “Tricycle”, “Pedicab”, “Habal Habal” these are the traditional transportation of the Philippine.

Transportation had been playing an important role in influencing the formation of urban societies. The facilities like the availability of commodities, water, and other goods played a major role. But the contribution of transportation can be seen clearly from the formation of the society, community, and country. That’s why the Transportation essay describes a way of human life and its impact comforts us these days.

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