The Sunrise Today merriment in the eyes of viewers

The Sunrise Today: merriment in the eyes of viewers

in Nature on May 22, 2019

The Sunrise Today: merriment in the eyes of viewers

Hard times come in our life, and we think it will stay here eternally. But this phenomenon did not happen in our life. The reason is that hard times and good times come by turns. Therefore, It is the same for either dark and light or sunrise and sunset. A sunrise today puts our difficulties in perspective. No matter how awful is our past or present, we need to keep going on and on to catch the majestic strength of goodness. Furthermore, in the words of Bernard Williams

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”

Importance of sunrise today and sunset today

Sapna Reddy uttered

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness.”

This striking line reflects the essence of this part of writing. If there is always happiness and enchantment in our life, we may not feel the importance of these in our life. Besides, if there is always distress and hardships in our life, we definitely lose our hope of life and feel agitated of this situation. But if there are hard times and happiness come in succession, we will feel more enthusiastic about our life. We will move forward with time, and thus we will agree that change is a constant issue in our life.

So, It goes the same for the sunrise and sunset. If we experience the only sunrise, we will feel monotonous. Moreover, if we watch the sunset only, we will feel down. Therefore, we need to encounter everything and should not think that a particular incident will be there eternally. So, in the words of Anthony T. Hincks

“Each time I see a beautiful sunset or sunrise, I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe that I’m awake and not dreaming.”

There is sunshine behind every cloud

Sometimes we could not see the sunlight because may be the clouds wrap the sunlight. Then we feel tensed. But it the like the same thing when we have to have rain to watch the rainbow. We need to wait to witness the majestic scene and to be inspired and energized. So, don’t be disheartened and look forward as there will be sunlight when the chunks of the cloud of distress will move out. Therefore, in the words of Robert Browning- “ My sun sets to rise again.”

Experience of seeing the sunrise and sunset

There are so many phenomena in our nature that surprise us with their unbound beauty. That’s why people always yearn to watch this scenic beauty. Furthermore, among the attractions,  sunrise and sunset are the scenes people want to see and admire. So, in the desktop or the Android phones, there are applications of sunrise sunset calendar. If your gadgets have GPS, this app can find your current dwelling place and displays two days of sunrise, sunset, and twilight times for that location.

“Rest but never quite. Even the sun has a sinking spell each evening. But it always rises the next morning. At sunrise, every soul is born again.”

~Muhammad Ali

A sunrise today is a reflection of the wellbeing of tomorrow. It energies and revives the debris of torn souls. No words can be sufficient to express or translate the beauty of the sunrise. Sunrise is essential for the growth of this planet because it gives the zeal of living to everything.

Photo By Adam Okonowicz