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Shutterstock: A Site of Selling Photos and Earning Money

in Earn money online on June 11, 2019

Shutterstock: A Site of Selling Photos and Earning Money

We all have some latent talent by which we can flourish in our life. Again, some people have competence in clicking pictures. So, they can use this talent and earn a handsome amount of money by selling their photos. Shutterstock will be the perfect platform for all content creators. This area is consists of around 200 million royalty free stock photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and a series of approximately 10 million video clips.

Features of Shutterstock

About 16 years ago, Jon Oringer, a programmer and photographer, established Shutterstock. The headquarters are situated in New York City. The two people who are snatching the spotlight – they are Jon Oringer ( CEO) and Steven Berns (CFO). More aspects are:

  • It is a famous worldwide public site where you can buy and sell photos and other contents.
  • It provides- Shutterstock Editor, Shutterstock Tab, Shutterstock image, Subscription.
  • The industry spreads from stock photography to stock music.

The arena of Shutterstock

There are newly opened European headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Moreover, it has administrative offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Denver, London, Montreal, Paris, San Francisco. Just only one person started this site, and then in 2016, it is blessed with 700 employees. Thus,  Shutterstock is gifting us a lot of entrepreneurs.

What does Shutterstock offer?

  • Shutterstock films and music: In 2006, Shutterstock started the selling of stock video. By the assistance of all the contributors, within 2014, Shutterstock Footage contained 2 million royalty-free video clips. Then, Shutterstock Music is launched later.
  • Shutterstock apps: The Shutterstock app gained an award named Webby Award for its ultimate services. Later, the apps are upgraded and now you can get the apps both in iOS and Android.
  • Shutterstock Lab: Shuttestock Images LLC declared the Shutterstock Instant tool and they got inspiration from Shutterstock for iPad. You can add colors to the terms of the search by using Palette.

How to become a Shutterstock contributor?

If you want to become a contributor, the process is easy. Register yourself in a few simple steps, then start uploading your contents. You need to sign up at to be a contributor. Then, the measures you need to take are given below:

  1. Provide necessary information: Enter your certified name, email address, and by using them, the authority will contact you.

Press next to go further. If you press next, you will see that they send some instructions to verify your email.

  1. Add the address of your residence: The second and last step is to add your residence address. All words must be in English. Ok! Now you are done. Now explore the dashboard and spread your talent through uploading.
  2. Submission of work: To become an agile contributor, you need to submit your work daily. Again, the first few pictures need to be attractive. The main thing is -all of the contents need to be yours.

Final words

So, are you clear with the concept of Shutterstock? Moreover, Shutterstock has produced several tools using a convolutional neural network, and it was made to assist with reverse image search technology. So, don’t waste your time sitting idly. Use your inner strength of photography and submit them at Shutterstock and earn money.

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