Red Flower Rose, Photo By Rodica Radu‎

Red Flower Rose: An Emblem of Gracefulness

in Flowers on June 19, 2019

Red Flower Rose: An Emblem of Gracefulness

When we gaze at the gardens of roses, we feel so enchanted. Again, red flower rose beds are always a pleasure to the viewers. The red rose depicts love to your loved ones. The flower itself is an emblem of our love life. The thrones reflect a hard time in relations and the petals reflect the beautiful time in the relation.

The gesture of red rose

Gather the rose of love whilst yet is time.

Edmund Spenser

Nothing can beat red rose in saying “I Love You”. Again, red roses express admiration, gratitude and respect. They also illustrate sorrow and grief. Moreover, the numbers of red roses also show various meanings. A pair of red roses say,” Let us be together.”  Moreover, three red roses convey,” You and me and our love for the company.”

Twelve roses express,” A simple way to say to be yours.” Again, twenty-five red roses say,” May you have all the happiness of your life.”

Description of red flower rose

A woody perennial flowering plant from the genus Rosa and in the family Rosaceae is none other than Rose. There are almost three hundred species of roses. Red roses are available in various sizes. Again, you can easily find them in Asia. Moreover, you can find them in Africa, North America, etc.

If we talk about the scientific classification of rose, then we will see that-

Kingdom:             Plantae

Clade:                   Angiosperms

Clade:                   Eudicots

Clade:                   Rosids

Order:                  Rosales

Family:                 Rosaceae

Subfamily:           Rosoideae

Tribe:                    Roseae

Genus:                  Rosa

The uses of red rose

  • Use for decorations: Red rose has a beautiful gesture and fragrance. People like to adorn their places with red roses.
  • Perfume: The essence of red roses could be used as perfumes.
  • Food and drink: People use petals and the rose water into their foods. The rose water is a symbol of sacredness.
  • Medicine: Red roses are also a source of medicines.
  • Art: We can associate rose with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite

Facts you need to know about red rose

  • The size and length could vary from species to species. Rose can get up to 33 inches in diameter. Some species can reach 23 feet in length.
  • Majority of the species are deciduous and some of the species are an evergreen plant.
  • 5 petals and 5 sepals are the characteristics of the wild red rose. Large petals are the symbol of mutation.
  • The prickles are there for the bonding towards other plants and to protect from herbivores.
  • Wild roses bloom once in a year. Insects are the reason for the dispersal of the seeds.
  • There are up to 4000 songs on roses.

Final words

The Rose is without an explanation; She blooms, because She blooms.

Angelus Silesius

We all know that rose is one of the most beautiful flowers. Again, red flower rose will be a perfect gift for your dear ones. So, gift rose bouquet and consider the number of roses according to the urge of your mind. When we see a red rose, it gives us mental peace.

Photo By Rodica Radu‎