PARROT TYPES Photo By Ziaul Haque Masud

PARROT TYPES: The Display of Vibrant Colors

in Animals on July 12, 2019

PARROT TYPES: The Display of Vibrant Colors

Parrot, a bird of beauty, which makes tropical and sub-tropical forests, look the most beautiful place on earth. Different genus and species can define or can explain the term called parrot types. So, the bird has 393 species. Moreover, all parrots can’t talk but some species can talk like a human, sing like a human and even dance like a human. A study showed after analyzing 97 different bird brains, there is a definite difference in the size of one specific part of a parrot’s brain. It is the reason behind being one of the most intelligent birds. So, let’s describe some of these species.

The African Grey Parrot:

We can call them as Psittacus erithacus or the Congo grey parrot. It is predominantly grey and medium-sized. Moreover, it can live over 30 to 40 years but in the wild, the period appears to be short. The grey parrot has darker grey over the head and both wings. Again, the tail feathers are like blood-red due to selection by parrot breeders some grey parrots are partly red. Again, both sexes are the same in color.  You can get them in Angola, the Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya in the wild.


Macaws are very playful birds. There are 17 species of Macaws. Again, the Hyacinth Macaw is the longest macaw on earth. Some of the macaw’s intelligence level has been compared to that of a human toddler. That’s why macaws can solve puzzles, use tools and also can utilize sound. Again, they can even change themselves physically like face blushing. Macaw’s scientific name is Psittacidae and their weight is approximately 4.5 ounces to 3.75 pounds. They are social birds. Like, they are seen gather in flocks of 12 to 40 individually. Moreover, they mark their territory and communicate with each other by vocalizing. But many of them are in an endangering situation. Many are trapped illegally for trade. Like red-fronted and blue-throated macaws are disappearing at an alarming rate.


Of the parrot types, this type is one of the best types of species. Again, this is the first species to play instruments. Its scientific name is Cacatua galerita. Cockatoos is a very noisy bird but it’s their form of communication. Again, it lives in the flock of several hundred and workout in the time of danger occurred by wild animals. The Cockatoos average lifespan in the wild is 40 years. They are large birds, like 40-50 cm in length. Moreover, there are 4 sub-species of Cockatoos. They are native to the Australian region. Mostly, it founds in the north and east of Australia. New Guinea and New Zealand has introduced it. Their habitant region is tropical and terrestrial. Sulfur-crested cockatoos breed once in a year between Augusts to January.


The inquisitive and playful nature makes them unique from other species. Conures are very curious and bold. Again, they need puzzles and these kind critical toys for being active and busy. Again, they are highly social species and their form of communication is noisy. Their native region is Southern America. They are very entertaining as a pet bird.

Parrot types are quite similar to rainbows. Its like thousands of color blessed upon the earth. Many of the parrot species are at serious risk of extinction. So, We should create massive awareness for saving these parrot types.

Photo By Ziaul Haque Masud