Parrot talking Photo By Bhaskar Chaklader‎


in Animals on July 15, 2019


Parrot talking is an ability which a parrot does without having any lips, teeth, vocal cords and palate. Despite having all of them a monkey can’t talk. It was a great wonder until the scientists had found it. Parrot is a bird that can’t live without communicating. So, every place it tries to communicate with its form. Like in wild a parrot communicates in its language but in captivity, it talks like a human.

The science behind parrot talking: Parrots can’t produce a sound like a human way because they produce sounds from chest. More likely, they have syrinx which is two independent voice boxes. It helps them control the airflow through the throat. Moreover, their respiratory system has several air sections that allow changing vibrations of the tympaniform membranes. Tympani membrane is an organ of parrot which helps to change the sound it produces. Several organs are responsible for vocalization like Trachea. Last free tracheal ring, Tympanum, Syringeal rings. Most importantly, the brain of a monkey is not well oriented for talking. Because a parrot has that orientation, it can produce sounds like a human.

The ability of understanding language: Parrots do talk like humans but they can’t understand what they say. If you train your parrots they learn words and can reply to you. Alex was an African grey parrot. He had learned 150 words and that’s the highest form parrots. More importantly, Alex could tell the colors of the block and also could count the corners of the block. But he can’t count more until you teach them the reply of your command. When you teach them the reply to your command they do the same. However, parrots can mimic humans and also sounds they hear around.

Parrots that can talk: There are two types of parrot. Captivate parrot and wild parrot. Captive parrot lives with humans as a pet bird. Therefore, captive birds have access to learn to talk. Besides, there are 393 species of parrot. Some of them are famous for talking, for example, Budgerigars, Monk parakeet, Blue-Fronted Amazon. Let’s talk about them.

Budgerigars: This species is mostly famous for small size, low cost and mimic human speech. Most importantly, they are the 3rd most popular pet in the world besides cats and dogs. Budgerigar has many colors and shades e.g. blue, yellow, grey, grey-green, violet, white… Moreover, they can learn a large number of words but their voice is low and not well defined.

Monk parakeet: They are also known as the Quaker parrot. Surprisingly, they are very noisy birds. Monk parakeets are also known for their stick nests where they live colonially. Besides, they are native to South America and Argentina. Moreover, they can live 6 years in the wild and 15 years in captive.

Blue-Fronted Amazon: This bird is very popular for their beauty, intelligence, and singing abilities. Among African grey parrots and Yellow-naped parrots, they ranked 3rd for their talking capabilities. Moreover, they can over 100 years.

Parrots are highly social birds. However, parrot talking is a form of interaction. It amuses us a lot. Sometimes we fell into love with them.

Photo By Bhaskar Chaklader‎