Images of Parrots Photo By Jocelyn Sambere Camancho

Images of Parrots: So Vibrant As Colors

in Birds on June 27, 2019

Images of Parrots: So Vibrant As Colors

The images of parrots that paint our minds when we think of it, may differ as parrots are vividly colored or multi-colored birds with strong curved beaks. It has an upright stance and strongly clawed feet. Again, there are various types of parrots in the world which particularly differ as per their colors. The most common type of parrots found are the majestic greens with a red curved beak.


At present, there are about 392 species of parrots in the world. They differ mostly by color. Moreover, some like the cockatoo appear fluffy like clouds while some like the true parrot are multi-colored like a bird made of a rainbow. They are of various sizes.


Parrots have strong and curved beaks, upright stance and strong legs and clawed feet. They are of various colors or multi-colored. They may be small like lovebirds, medium like lorikeets or large like hawk-headed parrots.


These magnificent birds feed on seeds, nuts, fruits, buds, and other plant material. A few of them feast on animals. Lories and lorikeets are specialized for feeding on floral nectar and soft flowers.


Parrots are found in most tropical and sub-tropical regions. Most of them nest on hollow trees and sometimes in nest boxes during captivity. Again, they lay eggs which are white in color. Their offspring are usually helpless after hatching.


Many challenges come forward as advance to study a parrot. These birds are difficult to catch and once caught they are hard to mark as they tend to chew off their brandings. Some of them are strong and direct flights. Most of these species spend their time perched in tree canopies. They use their beaks for climbing by gripping and hooking and move in the ground usually by rolling gait.


Birds like the raven, crows, jays, and magpies, parrots are intelligent birds as well. These birds have the ability to imitate human voices and speech which make them more alluring as pets. So, wild parrots are very popular in the pet trade.


It may be shocking for many people but parrots are not good pets because of their natural wild instincts like screaming and chewing. Although they are very cute and affectionate when they are immature but as they grow up, they become aggressive. This happens mostly because of mishandling and poor training and may result in bites as well as serious injuries.


Without a doubt, parrots are charismatic creatures with a bold and beautiful body. Wild parrots are being trapped for the pet trade as well as hunting. This has diminished the number of parrot species to a great fold. These beautiful birds are being subject to exploitation more than any other group of birds.


Parrots, as popular birds have led to a thriving and often illegal trade of birds as most of its species are now threatened to extinction. So, this has made their survival very difficult and in some species impossible.  As humans, we fail to understand the alarming consequences of these actions towards our ecosystem which is considered being damaged due to loss of its habitats other than human. Essentials measures are being taken to stop this monstrosity by making pet trade illegal in the US and Europe.

Lastly, we can state that parrots are indeed very alluring and beautiful creation of nature. They not painted as caged when we think about the images of parrots but free and liberal in nature. In the present time , they have come close to their extinction. If we do not stop their illegal trade , we will wipe out one of the most charismatic creature in the world and the canvas of our future generation will fail to paint them in their minds.

Photo By Jocelyn Sambere Camancho